Michelin Tyres: On Display as Artwork at the Michelin InTIREnational Art Contest

Michelin has been prominent on the international tyre market. The industry giant sells more than two million tyres daily, including the most popular range for 205 55 r16. The company has a well-established reputation in the commercial tyre market and makes millions of dollars every year.  However, apart from its commercial image, the company is well-known for its philanthropic efforts and its contributions to the art world as well.

Michelin International Art Contest

Michelin has always been interested in encouraging local communities through art and social work. For example, the company has several social outreach programs in place like the Michelin Challenge Education program to support education programs in local elementary schools, the Michelin Junior Bike event to promote exercise and helmet safety in young bike riders, and so on. However, the most popular and interesting event hosted by Michelin is the Michelin InTIREnational Art Contest.

About The Contest

Michelin set up the contest in an effort to encourage creativity and inspiration in young minds. At the same time, it wanted to encourage conservation and ecological sensitivity in school going children about art and design especially towards the diamond jewellery trade where diamond engagement rings are customised and designed.

In its second year, the Michelin InTIREnational Art Contest challenges participants to create functional or creative artwork with just four scrap tyres. The tyres are donated by Michelin and young creators are encouraged to create innovative or beautiful works of art.  The contest is open to international participants and it is a part of a month-long series of community activities and events. According to last count, more than two dozen schools, organizations and individuals have entered the entries have been exciting. According to Leesa Ovens, Michelin’s Director of Community Relations, ‘The contest is a part of a month-long celebration of Upstate International and this year’s entries are amazing.”

The company will be giving two awards to deserving winners. One winner will be judged by a panel of art experts while the other will be decided by counting public votes. Michelin will be donating a total of $10,000. Each winning entry will get a donation of $5000 to a deserving charity, school, or non-profit of their choice.

The 2014 Winners

Michelin Tyre Shopper received more than 30 pieces of art as entries in 2014. Last year’s winners were the Easley High art department. Under the direction of the school’s visual art director Russell Jewell, students came up with the idea of incorporating Nelson Mandela into their artwork. They based the artwork on Michelin’s logo “A Better Way Forward,” and pulled together an intricate piece that was selected by the judge’s panel. The art department received $5000 during a special ceremony and it was used to fund the school’s art program for the next five years.

This year, entries have been restricted to 50 applicants from all over the world. Viewers are encouraged to browse the website at www.inspiredtires.com and vote on their favourite works of art. Voting has been opened to the general public since March 10th, 2015 and votes will be collected until March 27th, 2015. Winners of the contest will be announced on March 31st, 2015.

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed: What Lies Under the Label

Bentley so far is the most luxurious variant ever to come up with the series of Mulsanne Speeds. The engine system has long been renowned in the automobile industry. From Cadillac, Mitsubishi, Honda and Mercedes Benz, all these have deployed the same kind of innovation into their engine. Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed was revealed at the recent 2014 Paris Motor Show. The leading model depicts Bentley’s luxury driving performance. Let’s see what the name has to say.It pays tribute to the Le Mans Mulsanne straight, as we all know; this French Circuit is where it all happens. Race cars gather to this monumental speedway to hit the highest speed. So, with a label inspired by the racing heritage, what could we expect with Bentley’s flagship model?

1.Driving a Luxury

With a push button adaptive air suspension, it probably brings the definitive luxury driving to a whole new level. With its distinctively relaxing performance, you can be certain that you’re up for one good ride. Bentley knows that clients don’t settle for anything less that’s why they have backed up the Mulsanne Speed with the same outstanding techniques in craftsmanship, engineering and design. The customizable modes can be for any of these:

  • Engine
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  1. Chameleon

Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed comes with no ordinary black paint. On the light of day it can turn with a hint of green and some tinge of gold. What’s more, you get the best interior with its Mulliner specs. There are about 24 variant shades for the quilted leather seats and 10 choices of wood panel designs. These are the extraordinary interiors that prevail in every Bentley Mulsanne Speed cars, among which were the following:

  • Drilled sports-pedals in alloy
  • Knurled gear lever
  • Coined Door handles for the interior
  • Bentley emblem embroidered on every seat
  • Indented hide headliners


Fully functional modern connectivity widgets run the multimedia of Bentley Mulsanne Speed. The high-end Naim in UK manufactures the superior audio system. With 2200watt sound setup, it enhances the 14-speaker built in entertainment system that goes with it. There’s more to discover when it comes to enjoyment such as:

  • Keyboards and tablets nooks, which can be installed on the back of the front seats
  • Champagne crystals (chilled)at the armrest storage
  • Bluetooth headsets for the passengers at the rear along with the 8in display
  • Music and Hard drive Storage up to 60GB
  • Exclusive Wi-Fi
  1. Moves

Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed comes with high-density wheels, forged from raw resources under intense compression. It is significantly lighter as comparable with the other manufactured wheels from solid forged blanks. With its 21 inch directional wheels, there is no way for you to interchange each function of the wheel as it is individually set for either right or left.

  1. Mechanism

There is no doubt about it; the Speed is coming from 6.75litre twin turbo V8 engine. Under light engine states, it spontaneously turns into a four-cylinder when sensed by the computer. That brings cost efficiency for a luxury car as it accelerates the fuel tank level by up to 96Litre for an extra 80km.

Live Traffic Navigations Services

You probably already have a Global Positioning System (GPS), and many people’s smartphones can do the job of a dedicated device. However, have you ever wished that you had something a little more useful than a map and a pre-planned route? What if you would like to actually know what the traffic is like in your immediate area?

Subscription Traffic Services

There are live traffic services that can be subscribed to, for a fee of course. They generally transmit their information via FM waves, or satellite, and can keep your GPS filled with real-time information about traffic, and not just maps.

This might seem like a step back from the automated GPS devices that people have been using for some time. But using live data from an external source is the best way to make your device more useful.

Are They Necessary?

If you think that listening to the radio is a good enough way to learn about traffic problems, you might have never experienced a seriously bad traffic jam. Things like construction work, heavily flowing traffic, public events, and road accidents can all contribute to terrible traffic.

Not all GPS devices work with these services, but many of them are compatible. For some people, the option of paying for an additional service is out of the question. Others might find that they are more productive when they are not constantly getting stuck in traffic throughout the day. If your job relies on you being able to get around quickly, you might want to check out one of these services.